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May 21, 2018

Publishing News

Seventeen, Cosmo Bring Netflix's '13 Reasons' to Life
Ad Age: "Hearst has created an installation to promote Netflix's hit teen show "13 Reasons Why." The publisher is erecting a wall of actual high school-like lockers on both coasts where people can take Polaroids, write confessionals on the snapshots, and post them IRL (in real life). The idea is to "own your truth," says Todd Haskell, chief revenue officer at Hearst Magazines Digital Media. This is one of the first experiential marketing campaigns executed by Hearst Magazines Digital Media. 'We're using our connection to millions and millions of readers to make them aware this is happening, bring them to the event, and then [we're] covering the event,' Haskell says. 'That's an interesting model for turning an event into something readers can engage with.' Publishers are getting more creative marketing their brands beyond the pages in their magazines, native content and banner ads. Many are exploring the experiential marketing world to build and promote through social media and on their websites. Haskell wouldn't say how much Netflix will spend with Cosmo and Seventeen, only that it amounts to a 'significant investment.' Seventeen and Cosmopolitan--which have more than 30M social followers combined, the company says—will blast out videos from the weekend on Snapchat and Instagram. On Snapchat, Cosmo and Seventeen host Discover channels, where they post daily digital magazines designed for the app and have more than 10M subscribers. The "13 Reasons" wall will appear on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles and New York City this weekend.The show premieres its second season on Friday, an the use of Polaroid cameras is a nod to a plot line that relies on the old school technology. (Last season, the show featured cassette tapes, which the protagonist used to document her life.)"
Ad Age 

Food & Wine Offers Mentorship Program Around 'Best New Chefs'
Food & Wine will mark the 30th anniversary of its annual Best New Chefs franchise with its July issue. This year, in addition to being showcased in the magazine, at a party in New York City this evening, and at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen (June 15-17), the magazine is launching a mentorship program. "The program begins in New York City with a half-day of conversation with industry leaders...and past BNCs...covering topics ranging from cultivating a healthy kitchen culture and practicing self-care to management skills and business development," per the release. "This year's class of chefs will also be paired with Best New Chef alums to form a year-long mentorship."

Outside Promotes Summer Sporting, Music Events
Over the past year, Outside has been refining its digital game--and seen tangible results. Some of those efforts include a new gear newsletter called Dawn Patrol, targeting women and the outdoors, as well as moves to connect with its audience across social-media platforms. A pledge to represent all voices in the outdoors has also led to an increase in digital revenue. Scott Rosenfield, who became Outside’s digital general manager in January, stated in a piece with Neiman Journalism Lab: 'A big initiative this year has been not just to reach more people, but to engage with them in a more meaningful way.' That isn’t to say the brand has abandoned its get-muddy, adventurous roots. This summer, Outside will sponsor events across the country that embrace its mission to connect readers with the outdoors, while introducing them to key gear. Events receiving promotional support from the lifestyle brand include GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, Jazz Aspen in Aspen, Col., Outside Bike and Brew in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Dominion Riverrck in Richmond, Va. Support will include everything from editor appearances to giveaways to competitions and performers. Outside is the exclusive media sponsor of the GoPro Mountain Games and will again partner with Go RVing to offer giveaways and RV tours. There will also be family-friendly games in a children-focused Adventure Village in Golden Park. Additionally, Outside will be the exclusive media sponsor of Outside Bike and Brew. The event features two days of cycling, guided rides, clinics and beer and cigar tastings. Evenings feature live musical performances"....

Quality Online Publishers Leap Ahead In Engagement
In MediaPost, Sean Hargrave writes: "The World Media Group has been using benchmarks from Moat that show inventory from its members outperformed the internet average by 16% to 73% in Q3 of 2017. Its members are a who's who of quality journalism, including The Economist, Bloomberg, Washington Post, The New York Times, Time and Reuters. they are out to prove is that engagement on these premium titles is likely to be far higher than a run-of-the-mill page found on the long tail of content that programmatic machines are bidding on every microsecond... Dwell time on a WMG member desktop page is 72% higher than Moat's benchmark for the rest of the internet, and the in-view time for an unit shows an increase of 51%. Mobile dwell time is up 26% and inventory in-view rate is 39% greater than average... Quality titles are pulling away from the rest of the internet. Dwell time and in-view rates are not only up over last year for WMG members; they're further ahead the internet average than the year before... The trend is accelerating. That can only be good news for quality journalism and for advertisers who need to reach engaged audiences who want to know what is going on in the world"...

Bloomberg Reorganizes Verticals To Highlight More Content
MediaPost: "Earlier this month, Bloomberg launched a metered paywall, redesigned its website and unveiled new content hubs. Those hubs--Bloomberg Wealth, Bloomberg Economics, Bloomberg Deals and Bloomberg Opinion--were created to recognize and spotlight Bloomberg’s editorial coverage in those areas, Jared Sandberg, senior executive editor of Bloomberg Digital, told Publishers Daily. 'We’ve always had excellent coverage [of these topics],' Sandberg said, but the verticals needed their own dedicated areas on the website to shine. The categories have 'always deserved web presence more befitting than what has been given to them in the past,' he said. Sandberg noted that many digital outlets struggle with navigation. 'People aren’t using big navigation menus as much as they thought they would,' he said, and landing pages 'don’t necessarily drive traffic. But we have really committed users. We can do things for those subsets of readers.' Bloomberg’s redesign and content hubs aim to make it easier to find relevant content and make the site more navigable. A story can scroll into the section where it lives, for example, so a reader can find more editorial related to that story. 'We do view an article almost like a section front, and we do think about recirculation,' Sandberg said. In an internal memo about Bloomberg’s redesign, Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media Group, and John Micklethwait, Bloomberg editor-in-chief, said the redesign is 'built with utility and mobile in mind and designed to help improve users’ access to our content. We’re completely rethinking how our content is delivered to make it more essential and useful.'
The new hubs will get more staff, too"...

Publishers Look to Extend Popular Franchises to Video
Digiday: "Publishers are competing for a finite number of viewers at a time when people have more choices of things to watch than ever. That makes it an easy decision to lean on existing titles that already have a built-in audience. 'I do think it’s getting harder and harder to compete in the digital landscape because it has a young audience that’s accustomed to seeing their own version of things,' said Dawn Ostroff, president of Condé Nast Entertainment. 'It’s very hard to start from scratch.' When it comes to digital video, Condé Nast Entertainment has taken an approach known to Ostroff from her CW and Lifetime days. For Bon Appétit, for example, it’s come up with a mix of programs that have mass appeal, like “Kids Try,” where kids taste foods from over the decades, and ones for the committed Bon Appétit fan, like “Gourmet Makes,” where junk food gets a high-end makeover. Ultimately, the idea behind all of them is to reinforce the Bon App brand, though. “We want to get the eyeballs, but building up the channels and the connection between the channel and subscriber is incredibly powerful,” Ostroff said"...


Retail News

Raley's Brings Acquired Scolari's Stores Under Its Banner
SN: "Raley’s plans to begin converting acquired Scolari’s Food & Drug stores in Nevada to its banner today and to finish the process by June 10. The West Sacramento, Calif.-based grocer said Monday that it’s taking over operations of five Scolari’s Food & Drug stores and one Sak ‘N Save store, purchased from Scolari’s in March, on a staggered schedule. Each of the stores will be closed two days for the changeover and then reopen as Raley’s locations. As previously disclosed, the Sak ‘N Save store will retain its banner but reopen under Raley’s leadership as part of the company’s Food Source division"...

Kroger’s Ocado Deal Further Proves Effectiveness of Its Acquire-Invest Strategy
PG: "News that the Kroger Co. launched an exclusive partnership with U.K.-based online supermarket Ocado to enhance its online ordering, automated fulfillment and home delivery was heralded as smart and bold by many experts, including the Cincinnati-based grocer’s own former VP of Loyalty Ken Fenyo. The partnership reminds him of Kroger’s deal 15 years ago with London-based data science company dunnhumby, where the two partnered to better understand and cater to Kroger’s shoppers, which in turn made Kroger’s data-driven customer centricity legendary. 'Grocery e-commerce is more expensive for grocery retailers than traditional operations,' said Fenyo, who now serves as head of consumer markets for New York-based consultancy McKinsey Fast Growth. 'Grocery retailers must find ways to automate the supply chain if they have any hope of creating profitable e-commerce businesses. Although supply chain automation is a hot area right now for retail tech startups--including innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and more--Ocado is a clear leader in the space.' Fenyo isn’t the only one heralding Ocado’s leadership, either. Marc Hubbard, VP client services USA with Toronto-based insights firm Advantage Group, calls the online grocer’s technology 'world-class'--completely designed from the ground up to support a true online order-and-delivery model.“Ocado never tried to retro fit or force fit anything, they built everything from scratch,” he stated. 'If everything Ocado says is to be believed they are profitable, which is not something most companies selling groceries online can say.”The warehouse picking and delivery efficiencies Ocado’s technology will bring to Kroger should help the retailer reduce its cost to serve its customers and help improve its margin, which clearly is an important priority to Kroger--as it is to all retailers. 'If the deal also included Ocado’s website technology and experience in promoting trial and repeat of new items, Kroger should be force to be reckoned with,' Hubbard noted"...

Amazon Now Delivers Orders to Parked Vehicles
PG: "Amazon’s in-home delivery service has officially expanded to include direct-to-car delivery, allowing for parked cars in publicly accessible areas to receive shipments when the recipient is not present. Amazon Key In-Car allows members of Amazon's Prime subscription service with compatible vehicles receive in-car delivery for no extra cost. Available now in 37 cities and their surrounding areas--with plans to continue expanding nationwide--the service includes tens of millions of items sold on and works with same-day, two-day and standard shipping options.To set up an order, customers link their Amazon account with their connected car service account. Once the Amazon Key mobile app has been downloaded, setup is complete and the delivery location has been registered, customers simply choose “In-Car” as the delivery option at checkout. On delivery day, the Amazon Key app helps customers ensure they’ve parked within range of the delivery location and provides notifications with the expected four-hour delivery time window. Customers also will be notified when a delivery is on its way and a package has been delivered, and also may check to see when their car was unlocked and locked again"...

Pause on Chinese Trade Sanctions Doesn't Resolve Core Issues
CNN Money: "The United States and China have hit pause on a potential trade war. Now comes the hard part.After high-level talks in Washington, the world's two largest economies are putting threats of tariffs on hold while they try to deal with the issues that fueled recent clashes.China has promised to increase its purchases of US exports significantly, but experts and senior officials say the key problems remain unresolved," including Chinese theft of U.S technologies; the existing, giant trade gap; and what will happen to ZTE, the sanctioned Chinese company that Trump said he wants to help--sparking a backlash in Washington. NYT: "The Trump administration has suspended its plan to impose sweeping tariffs on China as it presses forward with trade talks, a gesture that will temporarily ease tensions between the two nations but rapidly increase pressure on President Trump to secure the type of tough deal that he has long said is necessary to protect American workers"..


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